Thursday, May 24, 2012

Winter Lessons

Today all my classes started with seeing pictures of the Mississippi River that I have taken just outside my apartment on the trails along the river. I also showed pictures of the ice carvings that are part of Winter Carnival in Saint Paul, something different from what happens in most cities during the winter. Every time we got to these photos the kids would go Wow! They also enjoyed the short video that showed how artists use chisels and saws to make these ice carvings. The remaining time for each class was filled with singing songs, doing Hokey-Pokey, or playing Hangman.  Thank you to Mihaela and Dan for translating.

Some of the students were curious about what I can say in Romanian. I always start with the word for ice cream; that makes students laugh.  Another student asked me if I knew where I was. When I replied, “B├órlad,” he told me I was right!