Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special Goodbyes

We all arrived at breakfast at 8:00, but for some reason service was very slow, the slowest we had encountered. This made Lori nervous as she had to be at her school at 9:00 for a class. Finally it arrived at about the same time as did Dan and Mihaela. Mihaela and Lori were quickly off to Primary School # 2 where Lori was expecting a class of adult teachers. However, plans had changed and during the morning she had three classes of beginner students.  Back at the hotel for lunch Lori enjoyed another Bulgarian Salad.  Then it was back to Primary School # 2 for two afternoon classes.

Meanwhile the Ohio group was off to the hospital for their last day with the children there. They came back later in the day sad to leave the children, but with wonderful memories in their hearts of these special children and well as charming versions of “I love you” recorded on their mobile phones.

At around 6:15 PM, two students arrived from a high school and walked us back there. A group of students, mostly 10th graders right now, had many questions about how they might study in the United States.  After the class we walked across the street to Restaurant Alona for another wonderful dinner. We all walked back to the hotel and Mihaela went with the Ohio group to the LIdl store to buy some food for their Wednesday breakfast, since they will be leaving in the morning before breakfast is served at the hotel.