Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Warm Welcome after the Weekend!

Monday October 25 – Wednesday October 27, 2010

After a wonderful weekend in Transylvania with Radu it was nice to see all the children again on Monday. When we arrived at the clinic, Andreea waived as we looked through the window. It was a wonderful feeling that they recognized us and were happy to see us after being gone for the weekend. We were happy to hear that some students from Mihaela’s high school visited them while we were away.

Monday afternoon we were in the big playroom and the mobile children joined us around 5pm. Without their ringleader Mihaela, they didn’t try to get up on the radiator and open the window. Ion did but he only did it once.

The twins, A&R, are now walking quite well. Especially in the big playroom where we usually go in the afternoon. Alina and Gabby are usually with the mobile kids in the morning and we see them in the afternoon. They are both sweet little girls with cute smiles. Alina, though, loves to hit the other children and pull their hair. One of the mobile children, Marius, joined us for the first time and also loves to pull hair. He then looks at his hand and smiles.

Ionutz and Maria can’t move around but they both have wonderful smiles especially when you rub their tummies and talk to them. Cristi loves to crawl over you and loves to look at himself in the mirror. You can always find him amusing himself in a corner or under the rocking chair. Daria is as sweet as ever. She’s good at entertaining herself but she loves to be bounced. She has a wonderful smile with those big brown eyes. All the children, mobile and non-mobile, love to swing in the air. I love it when they laugh and all their big smiles.

On Monday afternoon we got to meet two Peace Corps volunteers from the US, Brent and Allison, and they will be Romania for two years. They stayed for awhile in the afternoon and helped with the children.

After lunch on Tuesday afternoon, Lisa and I were walking back to the clinic on the dirt road and I slipped and fell. The staff at the clinic was so nice; they cleaned my pants and shoes for me. If nothing else, we got a good laugh out of it!

Written by Volunteer Sheridan

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Settled In

Monday October 18 – Wednesday October 20, 2010

We were getting to know the children during our first full days at the clinic. Lisa and I kept getting the twins Roxana & Andreea mixed up. The twins love to be held but are learning to walk pretty well. If you keep at them, they will. Daria is so cute with her brown eyes and big smile. She loves to be bounced and she loves to pull your hair. Alina loves to hit everyone but she is very smart. Loves to sing with Lisa.

Gabriela has a beautiful smile, is quiet and sneaks up behind you. Ionutz is an adorable little boy. He smiles when you rub his stomach and he rolls back and forth with his hands up like he is dancing to music. He can entertain himself pretty well. Cristi is also good at entertaining himself. He makes funny faces and can sit in many poses, almost like yoga. He loves to climb over you and has a great smile. I have found in the first couple of days that they are very loving children and it’s wonderful being around them.

We met Dr. Delia, a very delightful person and a great doctor. It’s hard to believe that she does everything by herself. We got a tour of the hospital and got to see everything that Global Volunteers has done.

Written by Volunteer Sheridan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A NEW Holiday Volunteer Opportunity in Romania!

We've added a December 18 (Dec. 18 - Jan. 8) program in Romania due to the high interest in volunteerism during the holidays!!

Please check out our website for more details on winter service programs: