Friday, January 30, 2009

Volunteers in Love with Babies!

No, I haven't been changing dirty diapers. This is the Romanian word for little kisses on a cheek. We have been giving the babies lots of "poops."

We arrived at the clinic today to find our little twins Mihaela and Gabriela off to the hospital in Barlad for tests. Hopefully they will be back soon. Maddy, the 6 week old in isolation is going to Iasi the big city for surgery. He was born with his rectum outside of his body. There is another baby in isolation who was born without most of her limbs. She is not expected to live. They are in isolation because they are new and are kept separate to ensure they don't get germs from the other kids.

Other clinic news: a cute moment yesterday when the pre-school teacher arrived at 2:00 and little Alexandra saw her and immediately stopped what she was doing to go with her. Alexandra is the little girl with dwarfism and brittle bone disease. She is 6 years old but quite small and doesn't walk. Another cute moment when 2 year old Alexandru called out "Anna" to another Anna Maria and motioned for her to walk with him down the hall. Most of the kids don't speak.

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