Friday, December 4, 2009

Millenium Development Goals Achieved (October 17th - November 7th, 2009)

Two volunteers cared for 20 children for 840 hours, provided food for those children and salaries for 3 aides and the pre-school teacher. In addition to these precise numbers, there is always something that cannot be measured, but that has a major importance - LOVE!!!,
the dedication of the two ladies, the smiles, hugs and the kisses!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Team Journal October 17th-November 7th 2009

Tuesday, November 3 (Mary Beth)

Thought for the Day (Evan) “The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” George C. Scott

Back to masks, the children don’t like them and neither do we. We understand the need for them thought, the kids don’t.
Mihaela and Ionela sitting potty chairs twice a day amid a lot of hoopla.
Evan sent her pictures of Andreea to Andreea’s family who have taken her home. It was her 4th birthday and they are a nice gift for the family. Evan, as usual went the extra mile.
I’m grateful for finding this microcosm of generosity and love.

Friday October 23 (Evan)

Thought for the Day (Mary Beth)“I, like most people, long to feel at home, wherever I go.” Maya Angelou

I can’t believe a week has almost passed. The babies continue to be mostly charming, sometimes cranky, and always keep us busy. The food continues to be surprisingly good after some of my previous experiences. And the company is congenial. So all in all, things are going well. Ion is close to taking his first steps. In fact, he may have although it is sometimes hard to tell what is accidental. Petre won’t look me in the eye but I’m working on it. And much to our dismay, sweet Ema Elena went to the hospital Wed. night for severe constipation. Mary Beth thinks it may be a side effect of her seizure medication. We hope she is better and back soon. The room is not the same without her. I’m dealing with not having “Big” Andreea here. I gave two pictures of Andreea with Nicoletta to Nicoletta and that made me happy. Too tired to walk at lunch yesterday. I’m hoping the babies given us enough exercise! Time to check email. Elizabeth sent me the Thoughts for the Day I had compiled so we’re in business.

Monday, October 19th (Mary Beth)

Thought for the Day (Evan) “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

We got to tour the hospital today courtesy of Dr. Delia. It’s efficient, clean and quite well equipped: I’m impressed. All the babies knock my socks off.

I wish:

  • I had extra arms.
  • We could go outside.
  • The world was peaceful and they all had loving homes.

But for now, I’ll use the arms I’ve got, stay inside, and hope for the best. How happy I am to have found Global Volunteers and what a good choice they made hiring Dan (and Mihaela I’m sure) and organizing everything well enough to bring Evan back for the 4th time. Here’s to the next 14 days with the princes and princesses of Tutova!

Sunday, October 18 (Evan)

Here we are – a team of two. Well, let’s say three counting Dan. Small, but mighty. I feel very fortunate to be on this team with Mary Beth. Not only is she a nurse with 30 years of experience, she reads the New Yorker just like me. And, just like me she was behind in her reading and brought several with her. After breakfast we had a lovely and not too chilly walk through the village. I was excited to see more foliage than in my previous visits during winter. Dan did orientation with us – which went remarkably quickly given our small numbers.

Our team goals:

  • To help the babies
  • To learn about the clinic and culture
  • To let the nurses and aides lead the way
  • And, my personal favorite To have fun

I am excited to be so close to the clinic. A 5-minute walk and we were scooping babies out of cribs. Lucky to have a bit of get to know you time with them. There are both familiar and new faces. And of course I am missing my little, also known as “Big” Andreea, who has gone home. All in all a good thing for her I hope. Here’s to 3 wonderful weeks!