Saturday, May 12, 2012

A day of Sandwiches

This service team began when Dan met Lori in Bucharest. It was a very hot day in Bucharest, but the air conditioning in the car made the trip to Bârlad easy. On the way they saw many different aspects of Romanian terrain and life, including vendors along the road selling wine, cherries, and tomato and pepper plants for gardens. They stopped for an early supper at the McDonald’s in Bazău.  After a day of sandwiches on the various planes, a salad at McDonald’s tasted good to Lori.

Shortly thereafter, Bârlad began to appear on the road signs, and after 4 hours of driving since the start at Bucharest, they arrived at the Hotel Occident.

Dan got Lori water to use during her stay, and then was away to home after a long day of driving back and forth to Bucharest.  The weather began to be very windy, but Lori went for a short walk anyway in the area around the hotel, mostly observing the places of worship nearby. The wind continued to howl through the night.