Monday, May 14, 2012

Teaching Day 1

First teaching day! Lori had two groups of younger beginner students in the morning; Mihaela went with Lori and did any needed translation with the staff or students. The school staff are very gracious and the students are quite motivated.   And someone at the school can make a wonderful cup of coffee – not to be taken for granted when one is trying to accommodate to an 8 hour time change. Lori returned to the hotel for a lunch of soup and salad – although salad comes looking a bit different in B├órlad. Then it was back to the school for two more classes, this time with more advanced students.  Dan went along this time to help with the translation. One class in particular is quite advanced and what to do with them will be a challenge.

In the evening Mihala and Lori went back to Trattoria da Vinci for an evening meal. Lori topped it off with a wonderful dish of Ice cream.