Sunday, May 13, 2012

Over Slept

Lori had a nice breakfast at the hotel, and then managed to fall asleep afterwards and had to be awakened by Mihaela’s phone call for the planned meeting. The principal of the school where Lori will teach was waiting to meet her – embarrassing – but hopefully people understand jet lag. Miheala and Lori met to start the team goals and team characteristics. More team members will be arriving on Tuesday, and the team goals and characteristics will be furthered developed then.

Off to a lovely lunch at the Trattoria Da Vinci. The food at this restaurant is wonderful and what good news – we will probably return more during this stay.  Lori worked with the hotel staff to try to find a room in which the wireless will work – without luck.  We decided to give up and try another room tomorrow. After a time of rest, it was off to eat again, this time at Restaurant Alona. Lori tried Romania dishes of stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage, and mammalgia. All was very good. The wind is still howling.