Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Firsts

Today was our [the newly arrived volunteers] first full day in Romania. We all slept well after a long travel day and met at 8 for breakfast and then to go over our team goals before headlining off to the hospital.

Walking in I was excited and nervous, I had read and heard about what to expect but to meet these children and work with them hands on was unlike anything I had prepared myself for. We walked around and were introduced to the children and the nurses. Bonds seemed to be made instantly between each team member and the children. Some team members took the older children outside while others sat entertaining the younger or were in the nursery caring for the infants. The children varied in age and disability but each responded warmly to and returned our affection. Throughout the day we all took on different roles trying to make sure each child received much needed attention. We took a break for lunch and enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal at Trattoria de Vinci before returning to the hospital. Once back we resumed our roles with the children and began to help get them ready for bed.  We all left tired but happy after a wonderful first day with these amazing children.