Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reunited with friends in Romania

Today was our first full day in Barlad. We had a pretty relaxing day, which was much needed before we begin working with the babies at the hospital. This day was dedicated to learning about our team, the Romanian language and customs as well as what our routine will be for our time in Barlad. 

This being my third visit to Romania, the events today were a nice refresher to what I had learned on my previous trips. During my down time, my mother and I went for a walk around town. We went to the local market and grocery store, but were unable to find our beloved Cappy and Poiana! 

While I have been to Romania before and had prepared myself for what I was going to experience, I still found some of the things I saw to be emotional. Being an animal lover, it is very hard to see so many stray dogs and cats and unable to offer them the support I would if I were home. 

I was very happy to be reunited with my friends, Mihaela and Dan. It has been quite a few years since I have seen them. Most enjoyable was seeing Delia and how she has grown into such a beautiful and personable young lady. She delighted our group with her singing a version of the song “Apa”. I look forward to tomorrow, where we will first be guests at the opening day ceremony of the local middle school and, of course, meeting the wonderful children and staff at the hospital.   

Entry submitted by: Tracey