Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Greeted with smiles

After breakfast at the hotel we again headed to the hospital. We were greeted by Delia’s smile and some other smiles but some other sounds as well. At 10 a.m. when the bottles came, they were greeted by some – others turned their heads. Luciana had her IV moved again and does not want to eat. Ionut also has a red throat now but he eats anyway – his appetite over powers his sore throat. Alina is still wearing her surgical mask and Alexandra carrying her chair to a good place to sit. Delia was sure to let anyone know if they had a toy she thinks is hers.

After lunch at the Hotel Moldova, Mihaela took us to the hospital and played dolls with Alexandra, Luciana, and Delia. I spent late afternoon with sweet Emma whose temperature was normal today. As Cher lovingly rocked Dan, I’m sure he thought he was in heaven. As we left, we were again serenaded so we need not wonder if they enjoy our presence. Another day is history at the Barlad Children’s Hospital.

Entry submitted by: Lorraine
Message of the Day - Cher: “I am but one drop in the ocean, but without me the ocean would be less.” - Mother Teresa