Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Children who need and deserve continual nurturing

Today was our second day at the hospital. It’s amazing how fast time is flying. I am almost halfway through my time with the team and children. We were surprised to see the difference in some of the children from yesterday to today. Yesterday, they were full of energy and wore us out. Today, they seemed more subdued. I think we wore them out as well. I spent some time with Ionut and encouraged walking. We walked down the hall and back and I found his confidence to be increasing. I hope that when I leave, others will continue to encourage his walking skills. I also spent time with Alina. She is a most engaging child. Her antics are precious and she is quite bright. Her social skills with her peers need some improvement, but hopefully she will learn to be more cooperative.

I am sad to know that the teams are no longer as consistent as they were in the past. These children need and deserve continual nurturing and support if they are to thrive.

On a lighter note, we ended our day with a wonderful Italian dinner and a culturally informative walk home. Maryanne got to see the Gypsy King’s castle!

Entry submitted by: Barbara
Message of the Day - Tracey: “There is nothing more blessed than a young Soul and we, as Humans, have a responsibility to do what we can to help that Soul not just survive – but to thrive – with whatever power we have.”  - Misdeb


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Unknown said...

I've been out of the Global Volunteers loop for awhile (I went to Romania in 2007) and am curious if you could explain a bit more about the teams being smaller these days. Is GV seeing a drop in volunteers?