Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bringing toys to the children

The day started with breakfast and a quote from Steve about how one should never forget a kindness bestowed upon them but one who bestows a kindness should never remember. The day was filled with lots of activity. The children were very active. Alina put a hoodie sweatshirt on her head and acted like it was long hair. It was hilarious. She tossed her “hair” from side to side and it was quite the sight. She would show me her “hair” and I would exclaim how beautiful she looked. It is a reminder that every little girl, no matter her circumstances, wants to feel beautiful. Emma, Luca, Alexandra, and Ionut loved being held today. Alexandra and Alina loved being walked up and down the halls.

At dinner we had delicious Italian food, but the highlight of the evening was delivering toys that we had bought earlier in the evening to the hospital after dinner. Steve bought the children a rocking horse, an easel, and a walker while I bought a push cart which encourages children to walk. Bringing them to the hospital was met with squeals of delight and it felt like Christmas morning. It was a wonderful day.

Entry submitted by: Cher

Message of the Day - Steve: “He who receives a benefit should never forget it; he who bestows a benefit should not remember it.”  - Pierre Charrin


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