Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 3

Hello, my name is Yoko Masuda and this is my first Global Volunteers trip ever, first time in Romania. I work as a pediatric occupational therapist in Los Angeles. I had a little scare in the very beginning of my trip with my flight having to be switched at literally the very last minute, but I was luckily able to meet up with my team in time to be picked up in time by the very kind and friendly Dan and Dorel (sorry about the spelling!) Everything has been smooth sailing from then on and I am so grateful to be here.

Today was our first full day at the clinic and we had a tour with Dr. Dehlia. We jumped right into things as we could hear babies crying as we entered and before we even took off our shoes!!! I am assigned to the non-mobile group, along with Bonnie and Heather. Bonnie and I were in the non-mobile room and spent the entire day there, as the babies were not allowed out since they were taking antibiotics. It was a bit challenging working with so many babies in such a small space, but we made it work and for me, my day was off to a great start with Ana Maria's beautiful smile with the crinkly nose there to greet me as I picked her up from her crib. I also felt so happy to be here each time Maria Cleopatra laughed at my silly antics with that peaceful and joyous smile of hers.

Meeting Dr. Dehlia was truly inspiring and I was so impressed with how the hospital looked and how it was run with such limited resources for staff. For a professional who has accomplished so much, I was touched by how much she was still open to suggestions for improving her facility and programs, and was reminded that no matter how far we come, there is always room for all of us to grow and better ourselves.

Looking forward to another busy day with the kiddos tomorrow and my wonderful team members. Oh and apparently an amazing dessert menu at the Italian restaurant in Barlad tomorrow :)