Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi again, had such a great day at the clinic! I'm completely exhausted but I feel like I'm getting to know the few babies that I've been working with more and more each day. It was sad to hear Maria Cleopatra cry so hard as the lights were turned off and it was really difficult leaving all of them at night. With that said, I had another nice dinner with the team and now I'm ready for a hot shower and bed. Just wanted to post some more cute pics up so you can all see how the kids have all grown:)


laurenf said...

Thank you all for posting! Would you mind answering a couple of questions -

- Alexandra is in your photos (with her head shaved!) - last we heard she had been taken home again. When did she come back?

- Is Gabriela walking or still trying to walk?

Thank you! Lauren

Volunteer said...

Hi Lauren, thank you for your questions and for following!! Alex did come back, it apparently was too much for the family. I don't know when exactly she came back, but I will ask and find out. Gaby is walking now with some assistance-she likes to have two hand support but can walk with just one. I'll post more pics up soon!!!