Saturday, February 12, 2011

Arrival Day

Made it half way around the globe with my luggage and 2 Earth Boxes!

With team members connecting through various European airports, 4 of the 5 on our team met up with Dan at the Bucharest airport this afternoon. We spent stime waiting for the last flight, them embarked on the next leg of this long journey. Dan was with a driver in a nice mini van. Nothing like Africa last year - they actually had a trailer for the luggage!

One member of our team missed a connecting flight. These things happen. Dan was on the phone helping coordinate her late arrival and train trip to Tutova tomorrow.

As we drove off, I realized quickly that I was back in a land of round-a-bouts. Sure glad I don't have to drive. The drive brought us through a variety of small towns and cities, all looking very Eastern European. Dinner included fine dining at McDonalds. LOL - I don't even eat McDonalds at home, but it was on the way.

I was so pleased to learn that one of the women on the team has an international cell phone. Text messages are 50 cents each. I'm going to owe her some money by the end of the week.

We finally arrived at our nice little hotel in Tutova around 8. My room is small, but clean and cozy. The wind is howling like I have never heard before. I better keep my ruby slippers next to the bed!

Sleep is my next priority!



M Maida said...

Bonnie, glad to hear you're in your Romanian 'home' for the week! :)

Jane Patten said...

Welcome to Romania, Bonnie!! So excited for your adventure!