Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 2

First I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Heather Johnson. I live in Minneapolis and work as a nanny. This is my second time coming to Romania with Global Volunteers. I was last here in 2004.

Last night, I asked if I could get a wake up call at 8am for Room 1. I didn't know if I was saying the right things because I don't know Romanian. It must have been ok because we had a loud knock at 8am. :)

We just finished lunch. Mihaela introduced herself and talked about the program, expectations, etc... We are heading over to the clinic shortly to meet children and staff.

The hotel we are staying at is on a "main road". There are lots of cars, but also the sounds of dogs barking, roosters crowing, and the clip clop of the horses feet on the pavement.

The landscape is greener than I expected, I thought it would be snow covered like at home in MN. Although, the trees don't have leaves yet.

That's all for now, headed to the clinic!