Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Message of the Day - Terri

Our purpose in life isn’t to arrive at a destination where we find inspiration, just as the purpose of dancing isn’t to end up at a particular spot on the floor. The purpose of dancing – and of life – is to enjoy every moment and every step, regardless of where we are when the music ends. – Wayne W Dyer

Journal by: Jane

Today we set out tired, but eager to see our kids, as usual.

Everyone except Ali, Ana Maria, Carmen and Jane went outside to play until lunch, taking full advantage of the perfect weather.

The tent finally went up, and part of the lawn was mown.

During lunch Terri, Emily, Jane and Dan went to the park where everyone except Jane had a siesta.

Apart from Elena leaving, it had been an uneventful day.

We went to the “creepy doll” restaurant, Alona, for dinner and took more photos. Terri, Dan and Jane had the special dinner of the evening with delicious soup, followed by pork and mash (served with pickles) and then cake.

On the way home Dan drove us around Barlad. We saw some lovely, huge houses (Terri is going to buy one for $1/2M) and drove by the cemetery, a placement centre and a high school. The views from the expensive houses were spectacular, although the roads were a little bumpy!

I find it hard to believe that tomorrow is Wednesday and our three weeks are almost over.