Thursday, July 7, 2011

Message of the Day -Emily

If you can make a commitment to try every day to make someone happy maybe eventually all the ugliness in the world will go away.

Journal by: Terri

Today was a great day! Although all the volunteers are exhausted we are still enjoying our time at the hospital.

This morning we took the children outside.

Andrea, Vali, ‘Yanuts’ and a new boy named Marion had to stay inside. Outside we sang songs (Alina loves Old MacDonald Had a Farm), played on the slide (Marius thought sliding was ‘the cat’s meow’), played on the swings (Miastra and Ion love the swings) and lazed on the blanket (Gabi, Ana Maria x 2, and Marius specifically). The kiddos ate snacks and just enjoyed the sunny day. Meal times seem to be the most chaotic times of all. Children are screaming, squealing, and guzzling bottles. J

The volunteers ate a quick lunch and took off on a whirlwind shopping trip. First stop – a quaint little boutique where Emily found a dress and Jane found a ring. Then off to the fabric store to buy fabric for crib sheets. We found some precious child-like cotton – they are going to be fabulous!

We rushed back to the hospital and even had time for an ice cream before reporting for duty! The afternoon was more of the same – Jane had an interesting game of ball with Marius. Then some volunteers and some children went outside – the new tent is especially nice in the afternoon when there is no natural shade.

After getting the kiddos back upstairs the volunteers and Michaela went on a mad rush to find a tailor to make the crib sheets. We saw parts of Barlad that may have been better left unseen. J After our unsuccessful attempts at finding a tailor we made a fabulous recovery at Laterex! (sp?) We bought small pillows for the children and a cool inside seesaw! We also found Coke Light for Terri, Mountain Dew for Emily, and chips for Jane. J

The night ended with a dinner of chicken schnitzel and French fries – a few moments of internet connection – and the beginnings of packing.

Tomorrow will bring a day of sad goodbyes but also the anticipation of our continuing journeys.

La revedere Romania. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms!