Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Message of the Day (Jane)

“A hug a day keeps the cardiologist away.” Dr David Hamilton.

Health research says that kindness can reduce your risk of heart disease. I find it interesting that so many kids here have heart problems. I believe our kindness is doing more than we think it is.

Journal by: Emily

Our day started out as usual, eating breakfast and chatting downstairs in the hotel. We then made our journey to the hospital. The morning passed as usual. My mom stayed inside with Ana Maria and Vali; the rest of us go outside to play. Miastra enjoyed the swings while most of the other children enjoyed spending some time in the shade on a blanket. Except Alina and Ion of course, who had to run around like crazy little maniacs. The kids enjoyed yoghurt and animal crackers before we made the journey up the 3 flights of stairs.

When we returned everyone went to play with their usual toys. Not long after we returned, an aide brought in a screaming and crying little girl dressed in a pink onesie with feet. I scooped her up and cooed in her ear that everything would be alright. She clutched me closer and cried “mama”. Soon a nurse came to give her an IV. We went downstairs for lunch. Yummy pizza! Dan later found out the little girl’s name is Andrea.

After lunch Jane, my mom and I decided to hang out on the balcony until break was over. After break we found out our sweet Nadia left. Other than that our day continued as usual. After work my mom and I went to the gas station for internet again. We ate a delicious dinner of salami, cheese and lettuce sandwiches there. Yum!

Today was a pretty good day. Can’t wait until tomorrow!