Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello's and goodbye's

Friday was the last day for the members of our team that were spending one week here at Tutova. The day was filled with the usual feedings, diaper changings and play time. Last minute pictures were taken by the people leaving, wanting to preserve the week's memories. In the afternoon, we had a little party at the clinic as a thank you to the aides and nurses and a goodbye to our new friends. Several of the kids, who woke up early from their afternoon naps, joined us in the festivities. Many delicious cookies were eaten and a few tears were shed as people prepared to say goodbye. Several people talked about what a life changing experience this has been for them. Dr. Delia, who is the head doctor and runs the clinic, stopped by to say thank you and to answer questions. Dr. Delia came to the Tutova clinic and hospital in 1989 for a six month stay and has never left. Her devotion to the clinic and hospital is amazing! We had our last full team meal together on Friday night, pizza and Romanian cheesecake. Many of us stayed late to talk about the week, laugh and to toast Romania with a shot of Tuica, the Romanian liquor.

Saturday morning, six of our team members left. They will all be missed but especially Terry, our one guy, who provided us with laughter and was a true gentleman to all of the ladies on the team. Several people went over to the clinic on Saturday and Sunday. The weekend staff is just one nurse and one or two aides- for 22 kids! It is always busy and they appreciate the extra help. Kristen took a day trip to see Dracula's castle and Brasov. Michelle, Caroline and I went with Mihaela to visit Ionela at her home. Ionela was at the clinic for two years and is one of my favorites. She was born with a cleft lip and palate. Her parents were not able to take care of her so she came to the clinic. Most of the children at Tutova do have parents but because of the children's disability or poor living conditions, they can't stay in their home. Some of the parents stay involved in their children's life while others become wards of the state. Ionela had several surgeries to correct her cleft lip and palate and last December, went back home to her family. It was wonderful to see her smiling face and funny laugh. Both she and her family seem happy to be back together again.

We six remaining team members are rested and ready for a busy second week!!


Kenny said...

love the blog............bakagm

Cindy said...

Caroline--it is awesome that you are back at the clinic. I sent Mihaela an email a few weeks ago wondering what the kids might need. I am wanting to send a care package. Give me the scoop.