Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mihaela, Gabby and Marius!

Today is the twins, Mihaela and Gabby's, second birthday. It was also Marius's second birthday last week so we celebrated all three birthday's today. We brought a DELICIOUS birthday cake (thanks to our team leader Mihaela), had new birthday outfits for the kids (thank you, Lauren!) and a happy birthday banner to make the occasion. We sang Happy Birthday in English and the aides sang to them in Romanian. It was fun to hear the different birthday songs in the different languages. Little Mihaela even gave us her best dance moves in honor of her big day!

The kids seemed in much better spirits today. I think getting back to their usual routine (having many volunteers around) was great for them. Walking in to the clinic and having the kids smile and reach out for you and climb all over you and sometimes be a little naughty -"no hair pulling, Sami!"- is such an amazing feeling. It makes my day and brings joy all around.

Our team seems to be blending really well. Many of us stay after meals and continue our conversation. I find it interesting that 48 hours ago most of us were strangers and now, because of this shared experience, we are laughing at each others dumb jokes and carrying on like old friends. Three of the women on the team I have served with before and it has been great catching up with them. On a side note, the Romania program has one of the highest returning volunteer rates of any of the programs.

I have also made two new four-legged friends- well one is three legged. There are two darling dogs who hang out around the hotel. One looks like a pure bred yellow lab who only has use of three legs but gets around just fine. The other is a spunky true mutt. The team has been very generous with left-overs so they are going to bed very happy- like me.


Funny said...

Sounds like a terrific group you have this trip. Enjoy and love reading the updates.

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