Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Today it was warm enough to take most of the kids outside! Many had not been out for several months so the bright sunshine and cool temps were a bit of a surprise for them. Romanian culture is not too big on having kids out in the cold. In fact, regardless of the tempurature, Romanians don't want children in a room that has the door open and a window open. One is fine but not both. Many believe that the draft from having both open may cause colds. It is alway fun finding out the nuances of different cultures around the world! Anyway, we bundled the kids up in the winter clothes and took them out for walks. Some kids in strollers, some teetered along and some were carried. We had fun trying to stay out of the mud (not always successfully), exploring the grounds of the clinic, picking up twigs and pinecones and feeding treats to the hum hums (dogs). Here's hoping for another sunny, not windy day tomorrow so we can get outside and explore further!



Funny said...

Kids and outdoors just seem to go together. So much to observe and engage in. Glad the kids had a fun, if muddy, adventure. There you go Jane, brining a little bit of Minneapolis to Romania! - amy

Suzanad said...

Ham-ham - hahaha I didn't grow up in Romania, so I missed that.
(I am romanian however)

It seems like you're doing a good thing there - how did you get involved?

Volunteer said...

I got involved through Global Volunteers! You should come, especially if you are Romanian. I think you would love it!