Sunday, June 2, 2013

Visiting beautiful castles

Friday – Sunday Free Time  

The past three days we stepped aside from the hospital and visited some of the most beautiful places in Romania. On Friday afternoon, we traveled to our Bed and Breakfast or “pension” with our driver, Durrell. It is located in Bran right by the mountains. The family we stayed with was extremely friendly and welcoming. On Saturday, we went to Dracula’s Castle in Bran and explored the beautiful castle and learned the history of it along the way. Then, Durrell took us to Sinai to see the Pele’s Castle, which was much more extravagantly decorated compared to Dracula’s castle. By the end of the day, we were exhausted so we went back to the pension. On Sunday, we went to Brasov where there were many stores to shop at and we bought many souvenirs. Unfortunately, the uncooperative weather came in the way of our shopping so we got an early start home. We loved seeing all the pretty places in Romania, but it was also very nice to be back to Barlad!

Entry submitted by: Jamie