Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Teaching Romanian children English

The past two days have been fun as usual, just a little more tiring without our third team member. On Tuesday Gabi's possible foster mom came to visit and we were excited she might have a home but reluctant to say goodbye. The kids have been sick for a little while but most seem to be getting better and it's showing in their moods! On Wednesday we had a normal morning, then went with Mihaela to the hospital for the first time. Alina got to go outside and run off some of her energy before it rained, but we wished we could have taken all the kids outside. As the week is winding down, we are beginning to think about saying goodbye and wishing it wasn't so soon. These two days, Jamie and I also went to the middle schools and worked on English skills with a variety of different aged children. It was so cool to see how their schools operate and to hear the questions they had for us about English and our American culture in general.

Entry submitted by: Sara