Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Day of Serving

After the reading of the journal and thought for the day, Mihaela was here and off to the hospital for most of the team.  They were looking forward to seeing how the children would like dry cereal in a paper cup.  The cereal was met with mixed reviews.  But the walker was a breakthrough for Lavinia.

There was a greeting by the doctor before lunch.  She has been here for over thirty years.

At lunch were lucky enough to have the delicious Romanian tomato salad in addition to bread, cheese, yogurt, and local grapes.  Then off to the Berlin for the hospital crew for coffee and deserts, while Jan returned to school to teach two more classes.

When the workday was over, parting was not sweet sorrow.  The children cried.  A wonderful afternoon for them had come to an end.

We all had a chance to visit before supper was served.  Some skipped dessert to go shopping.

It was the end of another day, learning about and serving in Romania.