Monday, September 17, 2012

All the Children

We enjoyed the first day of school festivities.  It was a “Romania Has Talent” show with several students singing and then the Arch of Flowers tradition.  A happy occasion with several generations in attendance.

Then it was off to the children’s hospital.  My heart was in my throat as we walked the staircase to the peds ward, but the minute we saw the children I felt I was meant to be here.  Spitfire Alina greeted Nila with outstretched arms and a smile.  Luca walked around cribs.  Lavinia was held by Lorraine and Steve.  Delia had a bit of stranger anxiety at first, but then flashed her beautiful smile.  Sammy loved the balloons and rocking chair.  Cleo slept.  Ken massaged Andre.  Aleana loved to be tickled. 

I feel like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music as I’m afraid I’ve forgotten a few children.

Lunch was a delicious tomato salad and cold cut sandwich, followed by rich desserts at Berlin.

Back after all the naps and we all rotated babies and activities.