Thursday, June 30, 2011

Message of the day -Terri

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. ~Dr Seuss

Journal by: Jennéa

As I begin writing this journal I cannot believe that our second week here is coming to an end! Time flies in Romania!

So much happened yesterday. The morning was a little slow at first and sure we were all still hurting from the absence of 3 wonderful little girls: Michaela, Gabriella and Katerina. Now there seemed not to be enough babies to go around. However, little did we know that things would really be changing right before lunch time.

At around 11:30 or 12:00, 7 little ones were brought in! Their ages range from a couple of years to 9 years old and their personalities are just as diverse. A few (if not most) of these children stayed at the Tutova Clinic so Dan is an old friend. It was so great to watch the volunteers to spring into action and scoop up a child or two to comfort and play with them.

The weather here has not been that great this week. It’s been cold with rain. Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs. (I wonder if that translates into Romanian?) So, because of the downpour we were unable to take the children outside. However, the weather “in Maine” doesn’t look as bad as today so hopefully we can bring the children outside tomorrow. J

After lunch we played with the children some more. There was a small crisis in the hospital as they ran out of diapers and the makeshift ones were not cutting it. But with Dan and some volunteers to the rescue, the crisis was averted.

We left the little ones at 5 and were ready for dinner at 6. Dinner was at the “G” restaurant and this time we were joined by our friend Lorry, a teenager (16) from Romania who has volunteered with us these past two weeks. She is very kind and generous and gave us each a small Romanian flag. It has a suction cap on a chain so the flag can be mounted on any hard surface. At first I wanted to put it on my car but now I think I want to put it on my bathroom mirror so that when I wake up in the morning I can reflect and remember the memories as well as lessons and morals I have learned during my time here. I can’t help getting a little sad that I am leaving with two other volunteers on Saturday. I need to remind myself that there is still another whole day here. We’ll make the most of it and cherish every moment. Also, goodbyes are not forever.

Buna sera and until next time.