Thursday, June 23, 2011

Message of the day – Brad

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Journal by:
(Katie Bray)

Today was a tough day. We woke up, had an ordinary breakfast and while Kerry, Brad and Emily went to the high school, the rest of us went to the clinic.

We got to the clinic and were greeted by smiling faces and lots of laughs. Jennéa played with her little partner, Sebby, Krista and I stayed in the nursery and occupied Sunshine, Mihaela, Dedika, Nina and Paula with coloring, hand printing and lots of games. Bob played with Alex and Terri and Jane played with the others.

After meds and doctors, we went out and sat with the ‘kopii’ on the blanket. Foster parents came and tried to take Georgi, but he was crying for his mama. They let him go inside. We all went inside and the kids were taken by various foster parents! It was so emotional. Some of us had to leave the room because of our tears. Denisa was so upset to be separated from her mom and her brothers. It was all so sad and upsetting to watch.

Lunch came and went with hot dogs and soup. Krista and Jennéa went for a walk in the park, Bob napped and Jane, Terri and I rested on the balcony chatting about the day’s events.

After such an emotionally draining day for me, Kerry, Brad and Emily returned and we ended our work day.

Dinner was wonderful at the new Italian restaurant where we met up with Dr D. Desserts were splendid.

Thank you all for making this experience so very special to me. Good luck these next few weeks.

La revedere!!