Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Service is joy

Our group of volunteers met in the hotel restaurant for breakfast and our daily meeting at 8:15 a.m. Richard was particularly tired due to the fact he awoke at 3:00 a.m. revising the planning for the experiment that he and Margaret would be teaching the children that day. Before finishing breakfast, September, Lori, Laura, and Corey began to discuss with Dan the weekend plans for visiting Brasov. After breakfast, we all parted ways and headed to the hospital/school.

Today was a less hectic day at the hospital, mainly due to the fact that it is our third day and we have gotten into a rhythm with the children and their schedule. Alina was still full of energy as always and Gabi ate her meals better today. Little Delia was not so cooperative, but she was still as happy as ever. Clio and Andrei were near each other in the morning. Luca walked with all of us today, which is good for him. Luciana was very active and baby Ema was all smiles until we had to leave for lunch.

We arrived back at the hotel for lunch with Dan. Lunch was a potato soup and some fried chicken with fries. Finishing up, we headed back to our rooms to rest for the second part of the day!

Arriving back at the hospital at 3 o'clock the children all needed to be woken up from their naps and be fed again. The afternoon went pretty smoothly seeing as we were mostly by ourselves with WONDERFUL Coca leaving at 4 o'clock. She really is a saint! The most traumatic event of the day happened to September! She decided to change Ema's diaper under Laura's supervision and oh boy! It was messy! But just like everything else, we got through it. Saying goodbye was not as tearful, but still just as hard.

At dinner we heard that Lori had another good day teaching her students. And then Richard and Margaret described how their propulsion experiment worked, but as with any other experiment, not as planned. But being the quick thinkers Muggsy and Rich are, they improvised and the children loved it! The dinner was a quick one, only lasting about an hour, but there was an exchange of family pictures. It was nice seeing how everyone else lived back home.

Entry submitted by: Corey

Message of the Day - Margaret: “I slept, and I dreamt that life was all joy. I woke, and saw that life was service. I served, and discovered that service was joy.” - Rabindranath Tagore