Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Barlad- Children's Hospital


Today, Michelle was not feeling well so she opted to stay home and rest. This seemed to be in the best interest of both the children and herself. The morning was pretty eventful for the kids. Cleo and Dalia were taken to radiology for scans. Gaby and Alina both had their IVs removed this morning as well. This left both the girls a little cranky for the rest of the morning. Luca continued to work on his balance and walking. He is a great crawler and even better eater. All of the kids took extra long naps in the afternoon, possibly a result of their busy mornings. Alina was the first to wake up and was back to her spirited self. The kids all seemed to feel refreshed after naptime. Unfortunately, Andrea was taken back to the nurse’s room for another IV as she is still not feeling well.

Alexis Agnew