Friday, September 16, 2011

Journal by: Sharon Conard


The purpose of human life is to serve and show compassion and the will to help others. ~Albert Schweitzer

Monday, 9/12: Started the week on a very good note. Walked into the playroom and every child was up in a chair of some type. They now seem to know our voices as they smile and laugh when we walk in and say "Good Morning." All the children ate a good lunch. Ionutz left for the placement center after he finished eating. Carmen had a seizure (grand mal) before she came into the playroom. The nurse had her up and walking two times today. She really does very well. Samy got another "time out" for his agressive behavior. After a while he did settle down. Gabi is walking like a pro but still wants to hold onto one finger. Marty was up all day except during naptime. I can't now get him to hold onto a block which helps loosen his hand and wrist muscles/tendons. He has a really cute laugh when you tickle him.

Tuesday, 9/13: All is well today. Everyone is in a good mood except for Samy. He is definitely the "wild child" today. His biggest thing is throwing objects of all types and received several time outs for his actions. Gabi walked several times in the hall today by only holding onto my one finger. I don 't think I can get her to walk by herself before I leave but I'm still trying. Marion slept a good portion of the day, still working on his turning completely over. Marty seems to be increasing his upper body and neck strength. Unable to wrok his legs due to severe contractures, was very "ticklish" today with a beautiful laugh. Carmen is walking by herself with close supervision. She seems to be getting more sure of herself, loves to cuddle with Cora.

Wednesday, 9/14: No real changes today. Everyone spent the day in their chairs except for naptime. Carmen, Samy, and Gabi all walked. Everyone received some type of physical therapy. Appetites were good, and, speaking of appetities, Samy was in rare form at supper. Supper was macaroni and cheese. Since Samy has a tendency to snort mucous out of his nose at any given time, he proceeded to snort macaroni from both his nostrils. There was macaroni hanging out of his nose and mucous all over the front of the aide's uniform. For a few seconds, none of us knew quite how to react. We all wanted to laugh (but we knew we shouldn't). Needless to say, he was politely scolded. Kept Marion up most of the day as he didn't sleep last nkight due to his long nap yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, 9/15: Good day today. All the children seem to be in a good mood today. Even Samy was at his best although he did have a sneeze episode whereby he sneezed his lunch out of his nose. Carmen walked down the hall with Cora. She seems to get more coordinated each day. Marty has been stretching his arms and legs with and without command. Then he gets all excited when you praise him. The pediatric neurologist was in the morning and said he would be needing surgery to correct his pectus excavatum. Gabi is doing well with her walking but still not by herself. Marion is still working on turning over. Difficult to get him to sit upright as he stiffens like a board as soon as he's picked up.

Friday, 9/16: Very quiet today, almost as if the children sense that we are leaving and this is our last day. Samy was in good spirits and behaved very well. Marion turned over by himself two times. Gabi walked down the hall with one hand holding onto my scrub pants. There is a toy in the room which plays the ABCs.and has a cuckoo bird which talks. Since she doesn't see well, she gets down on all fours and presses her nose onto the "on" button to make it work. I believe I may have spoiled Marty a little bit as he gets fussy and cries when he hears my voice. Everything is fine once I pick him up and talk to him. But "spoiling" these children is part of what this trip is all about. Cora spent the day with Carmen. She wanted to just cuddle and sleep with Cora holding her.

Well, I guess this is it!! My day is done, and my journey to Romania is finished. It has been a wonderful, rewarding experience, an experience that I will never forget. I would like to thank the Romanian people for sharing their lives, culture, and "home away from home" with me.

Until we meet again, la revedere.