Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NEW Romania Winter Scholarship Fund!!

Global Volunteers needs your help to ensure that there are enough loving arms and caring hands throughout the year at Tutova Failure-to-Thrive Clinic in Barlad, Romania. For many volunteers, the idea of spending precious vacation time in the cold Romanian winter is not attractive. However, volunteers are as desperately needed in the winter as they are in spring, summer and fall.

Because Global Volunteers is able to recruit very few volunteers during the winter months, two of our volunteers suggested we create the Romania Winter Volunteer Fund. This fund will subsidize the service program fee of volunteers who are willing to spend two to three weeks on a winter Service Program.
Your generous contribution will help us provide the children at Tutova Clinic enough individual attention at all times of year, so that they may to reach their developmental milestones.

To contribute to the fund and learn more about the criteria please visit our Romania Winter Volunteer Fund site.