Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 3rd-8th

This week began with the start of a new Global Volunteers team in Tutova, and my fourth week here with the children on this trip. We have had nine volunteers this week, but three will be heading home to the U.S. on Saturday. Our orientation day happened to be on Easter, and we were able to participate in a Romanian Easter tradition involving cracking hard boiled eggs against each other until one person is left with a whole egg. After a good run by Amanda, our winner was John, our youngest teammate. Some of us were also able to view a midnight candlelit walk to the town cemetery by the village people on the night we arrived (Easter morning). Romanians celebrate three days of Easter, lasting Sunday-Tuesday. Wednesday was National Healthcare Workers Day, so the many of the staff members at the hospital were given the day off then as well. Let's just say the new volunteers were pros at multitasking and feeding multiple children at once within our first few days! We have also been very lucky the past few days to be able to take many of the children outside. The children love exploring the hospital grounds and resting on blankets in the sun!

Some events that past volunteers may be interested in:
-Denisa Elena went home with her mom
-Sammy will be leaving for the CPS institution in Barlad as early as next week
-Andrei will be going home with his mom soon
-Daria Roxana's mom has visited three times in the last week
-Andreea's family on her father's side visited on Easter Monday
-Ionela is doing very well back with her family

Swinging In The Sun

Daniela and Ion

Outside Playtime

Alina and Alexandra

Me with Alina

Amanda and Dorothy Stretching Maria

John and Roxana

Denisa Heading Home With Her Mom


Iridescent Spirit said...

What happened to baby Maria for her head to be enlarged? Does she have hydrocephalus? What does the stretching do?

Caroline said...

Yes, she does have hydrocephalus. Her arms and legs are very stiff from not being used much, so stretching and massaging her loosens them up.

Iridescent Spirit said...

Aww, the poor darling. Wish I could be a mother to all of them.

Iridescent Spirit said...

Is there any way they could remove the fluid from her brain? Does the fluid cause pressure and make her head hurt?

Caroline said...

At this point the doctors here say they are not able to put in a shunt to drain the fluid, there has been too much damage. The fluid does cause pressure, and can be painful at times; She does better in some positions than others. We do however get lots of smiles out of her these days :)

Iridescent Spirit said...

I'd absolutely love to volunteer in a Romanian orphanage and many other places. Problem is the flight fare is already more than I can afford let alone the actual fee you have to pay to the organisation (and vaccinations, travel insurance etc). Maybe one day I'll save up and be able to go.